The Importance of Wellbeing – Are You Surviving or Thriving?

Now, more than ever, businesses are prioritising the mental wellbeing of their workforce to not only help their teams adapt to a new way of working but to also create happy teams that are more productive and engaged, and that effects the bottom line! What is your organisation’s new norm? Whether it be working from…

Four Ways for Businesses to Steer Through the Great Resignation

By now you’ve probably heard about the Great Resignation.  A shift in the way people think about work is occurring all over the world and companies are experiencing mass resignations on a scale that has never been seen before. Billions of people were affected by the global pandemic, and many have emerged with a renewed…

Will Remote Workforces Become “The Norm” In The Future?

Ever since the advent of the internet more and more employees have been able to effectively perform their work duties remotely from the comfort of either their own homes, their local coffee shops or wherever they can find a stable Wi-Fi connection!  But could the mobilisation of remote workforces soon become “The norm”? Back in…

Leading the Way in Mental Health Awareness

No one should have to suffer in silence and Atrium is dedicated in their efforts to support those who need help and support when it comes to mental health. Recognising Mental Health Awareness Month, Atrium HR Consulting would like to take the opportunity to encourage the importance of speaking up. No one should have to…

Music Creation to Boost Motivation and Productivity in the Workplace

Music Creation to Boost Motivation and Productivity in the Workplace Atrium HR Consulting is breaking down barriers by releasing their new creative music workshops which encourage teamwork and a better employee experience at the workplace. These will help employees build resilience and boost team morale. These interactive workshops provide a hands-on, creative experience of music…
Atrium HR Grows 350% in Wellness Services

Atrium HR Grows 350% in Wellness Services

Alliance Group company, Atrium HR Consulting, has seen an increase in usage demand for their Wellness Services of 350%. Because of this high demand, Atrium HR has invested in expansion of their global network of specialist, multilingual and professional counsellors to provide support to those who are in need. The demand is due to, not…

Remote Leadership, Training & Development

Atrium HR Consulting’s Personal Development Programme offers tailor-made solutions to suit any individual’s needs and is delivered remotely using the latest [...]

Atrium HR Consulting Remote Counselling Services

Atrium HR Consulting has the perfect solution to the Coronavirus outbreak, our team of counsellors is ready to support the mental health and wellbeing of your staff – remotely! [...]

Coronavirus: An Organisational Crisis?

Atrium HR Consulting’s team is aware that the Coronavirus is currently dominating the headlines throughout the world and that the main emphasis is on prevention [...]

Personal Development Programme

Atrium HR Consulting’s Personal Development Programme offers tailor-made solutions to suit any individual’s needs and is delivered remotely using the latest [...]

Atrium HR Consulting’s On-Boarding Programme

According to Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM), 69% of employees are more likely stay with a company for three years if they received great on-boarding [...]

Why use Atrium for your Employee Benefits?

Atrium HR Consulting provide you with a dedicated team of qualified and experienced professionals whose main role is to ensure that you achieve the best price for the most enhanced benefits. [...]

How to provide effective EAP, coaching and counselling without the stigma

Many HR professionals find the stigma associated with mental health challenging, often EAP programs reduce costs by using inexperienced staff [...]
Atrium HR

Atrium launches the first telephysiotherapy service for corporate global wellness clients

Atrium HR Consulting has cemented its place as the most innovative Employee Benefits services provider by introducing telephysiotherapy as the latest addition to the company’s repertoire. As a specialist in managing globally mobile employees, remotely located and expatriate work forces, telephysiotherapy was the next logical step. The service is designed to give globally mobile staff…

How to stay sane at Christmas

If you’re worried about gaining weight over Christmas, here are 10 tips to help you feel fab in the New Year.

How to feel fab after Christmas

Christmas is a fantastic holiday, yet it can also be very stressful, so here are some tips to help you survive the holiday with your sanity intact.

SHRM 2016 Holiday Schedules Survey

Every year the Society for Human Resources Management conducts a survey to establish how many companies will close during the Christmas period throughout the world.


According to HR professionals, balancing employee leave fairly whilst maintaining continuity for the company, is the most stressful aspect in the build up to Christmas.

EAP: The best investment your business can make in 2017

With mental health issues quickly becoming the number 1 obstacle to employee well being and costing companies over a trillion dollars each year,

Employee Value Proposition Explained

With companies competing for the best talent, Employee Value Proposition (EVP) has become a hot topic for HR professionals. Atrium Director, Gabrielle Ramsay-Smith explains EVP and the unique benefits companies can gain from getting it right in this easy to understand guide. Free EVP Guide: Download    

Atrium’s Head of Recruitment Lee Morley explains the benefits of a spoonful of honey every day

Professional recruitment consultant and part-time beekeeper, Lee, balances his hectic work life with a pastime that some may consider somewhat hazardous. Spending his spare time with a bunch of bees has proved to be extremely cathartic; helping to preserve the bee population whilst enjoying the beautiful Spanish countryside helps him to unwind mentally, and of…

Workplace Mental Health – Fast Facts

Mental health is an issue organizations can’t afford to ignore: Learn more about Atrium Employee Assistance & Global Wellness Programs:  Click Here Atrium HR Consulting shares some of the key statistics regarding mental health issues in the workplace: Most people spend approximately 60% of their waking hours at work Almost one in three people have…

HR Survey: How to Retain your Best Employees – Top Tips from HR Professionals

Recruiting and retaining the right employees matters, especially as you compete for the best talent now and in the future. Information published by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) revealed the answer to the question of what people plan to do whenever job markets rebound. In a survey produced by SHRM and the The Wall…

How HR can Instantly Reduce Recruitment Costs by 50%

As recruitment agencies continue to increase their recruitment fees, Atrium HR Consulting explains some of the tactics utilized by the Atrium Recruitment Team that have enabled them to offer their services at half the price. 50% Discount on Atrium Recruitment:  Click Here Gabrielle Ramsay-Smith, Director at Atrium reveals all… Utilize Lower Cost Locations Gabrielle says:  If you…

Fastest Growing HR Roles

If you’re among the many HR professionals with a psychology degree, consider yourself fortunate. Statistics are showing that the role of industrial-organizational psychologist is taking the crown as the fastest-growing job. Several other HR segments are also set to rise above the international average of 11% job growth, but if you’re in compensation, it might…

Top 4 Traits of Successful Human Resource Professionals

No matter what profession you work in, it’s important to be an expert in your trade. In order to achieve this success, you must possess a wide variety of social skills including workplace professionalism, honesty, integrity, good manners, and a good attitude. When you are a Human Resources Professional, you not only need those skills,…

London HR – Salary Survey

Welcome to the Atrium HR Consulting annual review of salaries for HR professionals in London. Contrary to overall employment trends in London, the hiring of HR positions over the last year has remained strong in London with companies continuing to invest in human resource functions. Whilst this remains true across the entire discipline, it is…

Hong Kong HR – Salary Survey

Welcome to the Atrium HR Consulting annual review of salaries for HR professionals in Hong Kong. The hiring of HR positions over the last year has remained stable with companies continuing to invest in human resource functions. In addition, with organizations realizing an increased value in HR as a key contributor to overall strategic objectives,…

Alliance Group Company NowCompare reaches 10 million expats

The world is an increasingly fluid place in terms of people choosing to relocate overseas, often permanently settling far from their original homelands. In its bid to support the needs of a growing expatriate market, Alliance Group has made some interesting findings. The United Nations confirms that the number of expats has in fact tripled…

Alliance Spain Celebrates 1st Anniversary

Malaga, 4 April 2017, Alliance’s operations in Spain celebrate their one year anniversary Alliance Group International, the global insurance and financial services intermediary, launched operations in Spain last year as part of their overall strategic expansion and has seen rapid growth since then. The offices, based in Malaga City, facilitates the customer service provision on…

Alliance Group International announce launch of Atrium HR Consulting

Alliance Group International, an international insurance, financial services and investment holding company, announce the launch of Atrium HR Consulting. The new venture will provide international companies, government bodies and non-governmental organizations with a one-stop solution for managing globally mobile, remotely located and expatriate work forces. With the aim of helping organizations ensure international best practice…

Alliance Group Expand Operations in Thailand

Alliance Group International confirm further expansion of operations in Bangkok, Thailand, for their TPA subsidiary Alliance International Servicing. A year on from receiving acceptance by Thailand’s Board of Investment for continued growth of infrastructure in the country, Alliance International Servicing has been able to increase the Thailand team by over 25% whilst laying the operational…

Best Employee Benefits Provider

Alliance Group company, Mybenefits, has been nominated as the “Best Employee Benefits Service Provider” in Asia for the third year in a row by the Expatriate Management & Mobility Awards. With its head quarters in Hong Kong, the company now provides employee benefit services including insurance and financial services to companies with employees in over…